Sunday, October 25, 2015

You are not better than me

Went to an event and we were discarded (yep as in thrown away) because of our attire.  There could have been no other reason than that as no words were yet spoken and no actions of any merit were taken.   We were simply looked upon and apparently we were so unacceptable as to warrant someone actually getting up and changing their seats (while making comments); WTF.  I like to think that I don't care what people think of me but I guess I do care if they choose not to keep their disapproval to them selves.  They can shove their hoity toity in their asses right next to the stick that's up there.

On another occasion we were sitting at a table and a couple sat in the two seats next to the chair next to me, gotta leave a buffer right?.  The husband of the couple did not glance in my direction, not even when he pushed the empty chair aside into my arm.  I felt again insignificant.  On this occasion we were similarly dressed to the couple, well they looked better but...He kept looking across the table at Hubs and I guess after exhausting conversation with the man across the table he engaged Hubs in a chat.  It was at that point that he gave me a glance.  They turned out to be ok but damn spare a hello and a grin when sitting down next to a person.  Don't be a dick!

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