Monday, January 8, 2018

Hey Jimmy, Joe, John, Jim, Jack

On the way to work this morning, as I sat in the passenger seat while Hubs drove, I wondered if you were given a name by your parents that was difficult to spell and never pronounced correctly what would be the most common name to start calling yourself.  My first thought was John, thinking of a male name because the individual I was thinking of prior to this thought, who's name is unusual is a man.  I thought John based on the old fictitious name in the movies, John Smith.  Further thought had me lean more towards Joe,  It is used so often to symbolize the male American.
G.I. Joe
Whatta ya know Joe?
Set 'em up Joe!
Bazooka Joe
Average Joe
Joe Blow
Camel Joe

Then I thought but it is the name John Doe that is used for the unknown deceased male.  Could it be they used John only because Joe Doe sounds silly?  You also have the Dear John letter.  A toilet is referred to as a John.  Hmm John seems to have negative connotations, BUT then there is Johnny on the spot and there is nothing negative about that adjective.  I like to be Johnny on the spot when headed for the John, but I say I'm Joanie on the spot ;)

Just something I thought about on the way to work 1/8/2018

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