Monday, January 8, 2018

My fridge is a Rubic's Cube

I don't have a large refrigerator, it's just more room to store food you will end up throwing out anyway.  Tonight I wanted a drink of grape juice located on the top shelf, second row back on the left.  I reached in and moved the ice tea over just a bit to the right.  I moved the orange juice, which was next to the iced tea, over to the right and also moved it towards the back.  I then moved the ice water right and in to the OJ's original location, this freeing up space for me to move the grape juice to the right and forward to the original position of the ice water.  Now take grape juice out of fridge, pour a glass then put juice back in the fridge and reverse all steps listed above.  The same applies to the lower shelf, the condiments :)

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